Agronomy Management Solutions is now part of Stevens Water Monitoring Services ( Carmen Magro, owner and Chief Agronomist has accepted the position of Vice President of Business Development and lead Agronomist for Stevens. We will continue to offer the same expert consulting services worldwide with additional resources offered by Stevens to further improve operations and address agronomy and land use challenges around the globe.  

Stevens Water owns and manufacturers key environmental monitoring equipment for above and below ground variables that influence plant and soil health. These include patented and state of the art equipment used in agriculture, golf and sports turf management, residential/commercial landscape and environmental land use operations around the world. 

Carmen states: "Stevens represents the finest technology available to assist with making sound decisions to meet agronomy challenges around the world in any land use and environmental impact industry. Having a strong background in managing the finest turfgrass systems and working with agricultural facilities around the globe, I understand the need to be able to make the most efficient and economical practical decisions possible. These decisions are key to insuring quality aesthetics and performance of turf systems, yield and health enhancement in farming operations, responsible decisions in soil, water and fertility management and decisions in any instance where knowing hidden variables helps to insure success. I'm proud to bring my agronomy services to the company and accept the responsibility of growing the business of applying key technology to making sound decisions into the future." 

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Agronomy Management Solutions, LLC brings 25 years of experience and expertise to professional sports and golf facilities, residential homeowners, commercial landscape managers, agricultural facilities and environmental entities. 

Site specific solutions are offered for turf performance, aesthetic quality improvements, irrigation and water use efficiency, soil and environmental concerns, personnel and budget management. Our agronomist has provided solutions in climates all over the world on golf courses, sports venues, commercial and residential landscapes, agricultural and university facilities as well as environmental entities hoping to minimize agronomic concerns while maximizing land usage. 

Whether your goal is to maximize turfgrass performance, develop a complete property management plan, minimize agronomic obstacles affecting crop yield or simply improve the aesthetic quality of your landscape, Agronomy Management Solutions can provide you with the most effective suggestions and guidance to meet your goals most effectively. 

Carmen Magro, founder and chief consulting agronomist, has developed proprietary key decision making models based on real time above and below ground variables to manage irrigation, fertilization, pest management and cultural practices most effectively. He is a leader in this industry having worked with many sensing technologies for soil and ambient conditions. His ability to take complex science information and apply it in a fundamental practical way has made him a desired special guest speaker, educator and practitioner in regions around the world. His special knowledge of applying key plant protective and nutritional products appropriately has made him a desired consultant for operations in golf and sports turf in particular.