About Us

Agronomy Management Solutions' owner and chief agronomist Carmen Magro brings two decades of experience to the field. Having spent much of his career working hands on in the professional turfgrass industry, he gained a thorough understanding of what it takes to develop the finest turfgrass surfaces. Moving on to later direct the world renowned Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program at the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State, State College PA USA), Carmen taught several courses in practical turf, soil, plant and facility management practices. In addition, he directed the turfgrass research facilities where studies in nutritional, soil, plant and irrigation sciences were conducted regularly. He was also the featured turfgrass expert on Penn State television where the public could call in and he would answer questions about landscape management, pesticide usage, irrigation concerns and a multitude of issues affecting plant health. 

His experience also includes spending time in the commercial industry where he educated a sales force operating in forty-three countries in the science of nutritional management to maximize fertilization efficiency. In addition, he spent several years working with the newest soil sensor technology equipment where he developed algorithms for understanding salt and water movement through the soil. He continues to utilize technology in proprietary work developing unique real time decision making models based on above and below ground variables. Having viewed hundreds of thousands of data points from all over the world, his experience has made him an expert in water, salt and nutritional management across the surface and through the soil profile as he understands the multitude of effecting variables. This expertise has allowed him to excel in consulting for firms around the world in maximizing aesthetic quality, plant health, water usage and irrigation practices, and land management. 

In his teachings, he used practical management to further the education of his students to be best prepared for managing properties, small and large in professional, residential, commercial and agricultural entities. He has conducted talks in several countries and has consulted on projects, small and large around the world. He has a passion for the science of agronomy and an artistic expertise that allows him to explain the most complicated variables of the science in a simplified manner that allows for the most efficient solutions. Carmen recently completed his MBA in Project Management with emphasis on Ag Business broadening his education and expertise in tying in science and practical solutions with efficient business practices.